Examining disadvantages of u s high school

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Online High School Advantages and Disadvantages

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Examining Disadvantages of U.S. High School System

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high school students scored much lower than other countries that participated (Lattimore). Nevertheless, the situation can be changed if the whole school system revises the curriculums for the sake of students’ better development, which is the original intention of education. Para mis visitantes del mundo de habla hispana, este sitio se encuentra disponible en español en: América Latina España.

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Higher education in the United States

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High Stakes Testing Pros and Cons

Online high schools are not without challenges. Elizabeth Birr Moje, a professor of education at the University of Michigan who has studied online learning, says “there are some huge advantages” to online high schools, including an individualized pace and better access to multimedia content.

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Examining disadvantages of u s high school
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