School auction projects

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Live and Silent Auctions

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School Auction Gold: Student Art Projects. Projects created by elementary school students brought in more than $8, for a New York City parent group.

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6 Auction Experiences Kids Will Love To Win. Enhance your auction (and up your bids) with these just-for. We are rocking our school year! We started construction on our Heelan Gym to complete our new high school.

Catholic School Galas: Tips for Having a Kicktail Class Auction Project

Our ACT score average for the class is up at 24 --. Don’t miss this opportunity for your kids to create a collage, write a story or poem, paint or draw a picture, choreograph a dance, take a photograph, create a computer-generated image – almost anything that the theme, “Heroes Around Me,” inspires them to think up.

Ten Tried and True School Auction Ideas - What better way to show support for our child's class and teacher than bidding on a one-of-a-kind handmade class project? Here are ten tried and true school auction ideas for kindergraders and up.

Every Provincetown School student has their own Minecraft Education account. Minecraft EDU is a great resource for school subject explorations.

Welcome to the Montessori School of McLean!

This area is reserved for important notifications about closures and other urgent situations. A green light means St. Matthew School is operating on a normal schedule.

School auction projects
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