School automated voting system

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Benefits of electronic voting

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Electronic voting

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How does the PH automated election system work?

This project entitled “FLP-SSG Automated Voting System of CPSU –Victorias Campus” is intended to enhance the current or existing voting system of the school campus and also to develop a computerized voting system that will help them to lessen the time consumed and to ensure safe-keeping of the information files.

E-Voting System, is a way of improving the school specifically in the field of election process. It ensures a more reliable, efficient and timely election process for St.

Cecilia’s College. Students. This system was a project for science and investigatory school year the researchers namely Arnie Grajo, Emmanuel Javellana, John Michael Ortiga, Andre Russell Tacumba, Renekant Decolongon. The Researchers found that this project is a big help for the School (Cor Jesu College) Senior high School Student Council election.

Create an election for your school or organization in seconds. Your voters can vote from any location on any device. Create a Free Election * Elections with up to 20 voters are free. At the core of the automated election system is the election management system, which sets up the automation of the polls and manages election-related data.

An audience response system is an easy way to collect responses from multiple people instantly.

Automated Voting System

Also known by its acronym ARS, as well as electronic voting system or interactive wireless voting, the system is a mix of hardware and software that allows users to submit votes on a handheld keypad.

School automated voting system
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