Victorian sensations essays on a scandalous genre

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Victorian Sensations Essays on a Scandalous Genre - 9780814291085

Victorian Sensations is the first collection to examine sensation fiction as a whole, showing it to push genre boundaries and resist easy classification. Comprehensive in scope, this collection includes twenty original essays employing various critical approaches to.

NINETEENTH-CENTURY GENDER STUDIES ISSUE (SPRING ) Outlandish and Sensational Victorian Sensations: Essays on a Scandalous by Kimberly Harrison.

VICTORIAN SENSATIONS: ESSAYS ON A SCANDALOUS GENRE Multimedia CD – October 15, by KIMBERLY HARRISON (Author), RICHARD FANTINA (Author). ViCToriAn sTuDies individual authors, notably Braddon and Collins, we bring together essays on the sensa-tion genre as a whole” (xi). The first of these assertions is undoubtedly true, the second.

Other chapters discuss the sensation novel's treatment of corporeality, sexuality, gender, class, race, and culture; and show how Dickens and other major Victorian authors treaded into and were influenced by the sensation genre.

Victorian sensations essays on a scandalous genre
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